Welcome to the Chinese Martial Arts Online Teaching Series. Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on the study of Shaolin Kung Fu, Yang Style Tai Chi and Qi gong breathing systems.


There are many benefits found in the learning of traditional martial arts. Self-defence, Agility, Strength & Fitness, Core Training, Mental Fitness & Development, Discipline, Stress Relief and general good health.

Our unique approach incorporates both the physical and mental aspects of Chinese Martial Arts training. Not only will you learn excellent self-defence skills, and get both stronger and fitter, but you will enjoy a greater focus and discipline.

Here at The Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre, we have been teaching traditional styles of Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Chi Gung since 1985. We have centres in the major cities of South Africa like Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, and also internationally in Australia.

In the last 35+ years, we have taught and shared our arts with IOS of thousands of students, and now we are taking the next logical step — sharing it all, digitally. In the last 3 decades we have continually developed ourselves with a clear, exciting and systematic approach to learning and passing on the traditional Chinese Martial Arts.

Coming from South Africa, we’ve had a challenging environment to learn in. From dangerous crime to controversial society politics, we’ve learned to craft our arts for both civilian defence as well as self-empowerment. Over time, our lifestyle focus has added a unique flavour to these exceptional arts.

In our teaching, we concentrate on the Northern Long Fist and Hong Family Styles from Taiwan. Collectively these methods are known as the Chang Hong System, which was formulated by the Late Master Chen Ching Ho. Both these styles have a long history and are well known today after spreading from Mainland China during the last century.